• Election Watch

BEDROC is a member of the National Election Watch and Tamil Nadu Election Watch movement. Information filed by the candidates is made available to its district level constituencies, especially the communities to support them in informed decision making and responsible voting.

  • Policy Advocacy

BEDROC facilitates the smooth flow of information both to and from the communities, so as to feed into and fine-tune policy making at all levels, especially with a focus on mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction.

  • NDMA

BEDROC has been an invitee to the meetings of the Task Force on Strengthening Civil Society participation in disaster management and strengthening tsunami responses


BEDROC is a member of the Global and National Agencies for Disaster Risk Reduction

  • National Policy on Climate Change

BEDROC was invited to present its views on Community Participation for planning the National Policy on Climate Change by the MSSRF in Chennai

2.Risk Assessment

  • Vulnerability mapping

Bedroc, in partnership with Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), Kerala Chapter, is piloting an intervention which combines the latest in digital technology with the simplest in community based knowledge sharing. Using the maps generated by remote sensing, BEDROC is mapping the 48 vulnerable coastal villages of Nagapattinam. This is then validated and refined at the Community level with PRA maps which detail out the habitations, fields, rivers and other water bodies, roads, lifeline buildings and other resources. This is designed to be used at state-, district- and village-levels for disaster response as well as disaster preparedness.

BEDROC has supported SNEHA in developing a Risk Assessment model for five villages in Nagapattinam

3.Knowledge and Education

  • TRINet
  • Various studies
  • Participation in symposia and paper presentation
  • International Workshop on Deltas at Anna University, Chennai

4.Risk Management and vulnerability reduction

  • Participatory Water Resource Management
  • Strengthening of livelihoods
  • Building up of CBOs
  • Renewable Energy Sources:

Two extremely vulnerable villages, Puliyanthurai and Iruvakollai, have been provided with solar lights as a tool for improving their disaster resilience. Village level committees have been formed for the continued operations and maintenance of this community based infrastructure. Apart from this, village level development groups have also been set up to ensure building up of local leadership to assist in times of danger.
(Pl. include the PRA Maps of these two villages)

5.Disaster preparedness and response

  • Empanelled partner of OXFAM India for Disaster Response

Oxfam India has selected one-two partners in each state to partner with in the eventuality of a disaster. BEDROC is one of the two agencies selected as their partner in Tamil Nadu. As a part of disaster preparedness, selected staffs of BEDROC have already undergone a series of trainings in Sphere standards and disaster management.
With the support of RedR, Oxfam India has facilitated and trained each of these selected agencies to develop Contingency Plans for their respective organizations. Bedroc has also prepared a Contingency Plan, building on its expertise as a Coordination and Networking body in the eventuality of a disaster.
IEEE Google community mapping